Preceptor Conference and Recognition

2016 Preceptor Conference Presentations

Enhancement of an Experiential Education Rotation Utilizing the Methods of Excellent Preceptors
Implementing MTM with Pharmacy Students
Precepting Across A Spectrum of Student Abilities

Preceptor Recognition & Awards

As a way to celebrate and recognize the many preceptors that contribute to the success of the program, a bi-annual program of recognition and awards has been established.

2015 2017
IPPE Institutional Dr. Julia McManimie Dr. Ann Roache

IPPE Community

Dr. Hahn Bui Dr. Angela De Los Santos
Acute Care Dr. Kelli Griffith Dr. Aspen Wall
Ambulatory Care Mr. Steven Guerrero Dr. Tunisha Che
Hospital Dr. Jeffrey Mandel Mr. Ricardo Salinas
Community Mr. Jason Wong Dr. Blake Mueller
Elective Mrs. Anita Martinez Dr. Ernesto Garza-Gongora II
Faculty Preceptor Dr. Kathleen Lusk Dr. Rebecca Brady