Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Feik School of Pharmacy is a learner-centered community dedicated to advancing the quality of healthcare in diverse populations.

Vision Statement

To provide innovative pharmacy education and conduct scholarship guided by faith, while advancing pharmacy practice through professional development and community service.

Long-Term Goals

Goal 1: To foster diversity among students, faculty, and staff and provide a climate of inclusiveness, equity, respect for human dignity, truth, service and faith.

Goal 2: To provide innovative education and ensure competency in pharmacy, communication, critical thinking, interprofessional skills and continued professional development.

Goal 3: To prepare students to successfully enter the pharmacy profession, including post-graduate opportunities.

Goal 4: To promote research and scholarship for faculty, staff, and students that advance scientific inquiry, pharmacy education and patient care.

Goal 5: To recruit, retain and mentor the highest caliber students, faculty and staff.

Goal 6: To remain abreast of healthcare trends to guide the curriculum and advocate for the profession of pharmacy.

Goal 7: To cultivate an environment of wellness.

Our Tenets

Education: The school educates men and women to practice patient-centered, team-oriented pharmacy and to become concerned and enlightened citizens.

Truth: The faculty and students support one another in the communication of truth.

Faith: The school is committed to educational excellence in a context of faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God.

Service: The curriculum includes a global perspective with emphasis on social justice and co-curricular activities.

Innovation: The school is open to thoughtful innovation that serves all the spiritual and material needs of our community.

Strategic Plan 2019-22

Strategic Plan 2019-22 (PDF)