Pharmacy Practice Mission and Vision


The Department of Pharmacy Practice aims to develop pharmacists who employ critical thinking skills, evidence-based medicine, and compassion in the provision of quality patient care. We are dedicated to supporting innovative teaching, scholarly research and community service in efforts to advance the profession of pharmacy and enhance pharmacy education.


The vision of the Department of Pharmacy Practice will develop pharmacy leaders who use critical thinking, medication expertise and compassion to improve patients’ lives and demonstrate to our community that good health requires a pharmacist.


  1. Use innovative, learner-centered teaching to develop clinical reasoning.
  2. Produce clinicians with a global outlook who are qualified, culturally competent and dedicated to community service.
  3. Provide care for patients with interprofessional practice.
  4. Recruit and retain highly qualified faculty who inspire lifelong learning, leadership and scholarly activity.
  5. Develop students who embrace professionalism, lifelong learning, leadership qualities and scholarly interests throughout their academic career and in post-graduation opportunities.