CPFI Fall 2017

CPFI holds this event annually, and it is usually the focus of our fall semesters events. CPFI collects toys, hygiene items, and school supplies for children 0-14 years old. Other student organizations, as well as faculty and staff, also get involved with the event. Our Academic Affairs secretary helped advocate to the faculty here at Feik by collecting in the teacher’s lounge, and the Office of Student Affairs helped reach out to classes and pre-pharmacy students for donations as well. CPFI held a “Packing Party” where they filled the boxes with gifts, decorated them, listened to Christmas carols, and took pictures around a Christmas tree before sending the boxes off to be opened on Christmas day! This year, CPFI raised around $2,200 to pay for shipping fees with the help of many students, faculty, and an anonymous donor. When the event was over, CPFI had packaged and sent between 230-250 shoeboxes.
This event was new to CPFI this year, and it was an amazing experience. CPFI reached out to SAMMinistries for volunteer opportunities and was presented with the task of providing dinner to the 100 residents. When the organization realized the date was so close to Thanksgiving, CPFI officers decided to surprise the residents with a homemade Thanksgiving-themed dinner. CPFI applied for and received a national CPFI grant called “The Hands and Feet Student Chapter” grant to pay for ingredients and cooking supplies. Then, CPFI went shopping and got cooking! Members and faulty volunteered to make dishes in bulk, with some members making as many as four whole turkeys, 30 pounds of mashed potatoes, and four liters of gravy. On November 16th, the day of the dinner, CPFI drove all the food to the shelter. Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi also helped with decorating the dining hall and serving the dinner. All the finishing touches were completed on the food in their kitchen, and our students started serving! The event was so much fun. The kids were so excited they began lining up with their plates 15 minutes before the dinner was served. Everyone loved the opportunity to serve the residents and their families. When all was said and done, our students were able to leave the center with good tidings and plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers!