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Preceptor Information and Application

f you are interested in becoming a Preceptor for the Feik School of Pharmacy, University of the Incarnate Word, please

  1. Visit the Texas State Board of Pharmacy site to obtain Preceptor certification
  2. Complete the Experiential Education Preceptor Application below
  3. Submit current resume/CV to Jeff Copeland, Assistant Dean, Experiential Programs

Thank you for your contribution as a preceptor and commitment to the future of pharmacy!

Preceptor Awards 2017

2017 Preceptor Awards Table

The Biennial Preceptor Recognition Event was held on May 18, 2017 at La Paloma Blanca. Guests were invited to partake of the delicious Mexican fare while they listened to the festive overtures of a local mariachi band. At the event, seven preceptors were recognized for their exceptional mentorship of UIW students on rotation. The category winners were selected by UIW students from the classes of 2015 and 2016. We would like to thank each of the winners and all of our excellent preceptors in the community for giving our students the gift of their time, the most precious and influential resource they could provide.

Preceptor awardees for 2017

Preceptor awardees for 2017
IPPE Institutional Dr. Ann Roache Dr. Anne Roache
IPPE Community Dr. Angela De Los Santos  
APPE Acute Care Dr, Aspen Wall Dr. Aspen Wall
APPE Ambulatory Care Dr. Tunisha Che Dr. Tunisha Che
APPE Hospital Mr. Ricardo Salinas Mr. Ricardo Salinas
APPE Community Dr. Blake Mueller Dr. Blake Mueller
APPE Elective Dr. Ernesto Garza-Gongora II Dr. Ernesto Garza-Gongora II
Faculty Preceptor Dr. Rebecca Brady Dr. Rebecca Brady

Preceptor Conference and Recognition

Preceptor Conference and Recognition
  2015 2017
IPPE Institutional Dr. Julia McManimie Dr. Ann Roache
IPPE Community Dr. Hahn Bui Dr. Angela De Los Santos
Acute Care Dr. Kelli Griffith Dr. Aspen Wall
Ambulatory Care Mr. Steven Guerrero Dr. Tunisha Che
Hospital Dr. Jeffrey Mandel Mr. Ricardo Salinas
Community Mr. Jason Wong Dr. Blake Mueller
Elective Mrs. Anita Martinez Dr. Ernesto Garza-Gongora II
Faculty Preceptor Dr. Kathleen Lusk Dr. Rebecca Brady