Matthew C. Valdez, PhD

Medicinal Chemistry Research Associate

Matthew C. Valdez attended The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where he graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. He continued his studies at UTSA earning his PhD in Chemistry in 2020 while working under Dr. Stanton F. McHardy at the Center for Innovative Drug Discovery (CIDD).

Dr. Valdez is currently a Medicinal Chemistry Research Associate in Dr. Paulo Carvalho’s laboratory at UIW’s Feik School of Pharmacy. He is working on the synthesis and optimization of Artemisinin analogs at the C-7 position to treat malaria. Dr. Valdez’s research interests include parallel organic synthesis, the use of solid phase extraction techniques to streamline organic synthesis, drug design, biocatalysts, and the tailoring of physicochemical properties to enhance ADME and solubility properties of biologically active small molecules. He is the author of multiple peer-reviewed publications in the fields of organic and medicinal chemistry. He is also co-inventor on several patents for novel small molecule therapies that could potentially serve as chemotherapies and anti-fungal.

Phone: (210) 883-1163